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Aging has it perks, but wrinkles are at the bottom of my list so I am fighting back!

Aging has it perks, but wrinkles are at the bottom of my list so I am fighting back!

 Order Anti Oxidant Infusion Creme Here"A Beautiful Complexion Begins With a Philosophy of Prevention and Preservation!" Well I didn't know laughing so much would cause the wrinkles around my eyes to look like a road map! If I only knew then what I know now about skincare I would have added a better skin care routine in my 20’s and 30’s. Now I am playing catch up in my 40’s. They say it’s important your skin care routine evolves as your skin changes through the years. And I really get it now. Going on 46 I am now looking for things to “treat” the areas of my face that bug me. It was like a switch. One day I was saying, “I look pretty good for my age” and the next day I looked in the mirror and thought “who is that!”

Lucky for me I have two pretty amazing estheticians that assist me and my issues. Mary and Jenelle give me advise and recommend the right products for “my problem areas”. They are skin superstars all the way around. Able to diagnose and pinpoint a solution every time. I need these girls in my life and I encourage you to see what they could do for you as well. 

So I want to share with you some top ingredients to look for in skin care products that will help EVERYTHING. And one of our products that has all these amazing ingredients in it, Anti Oxidant Infusion Creme. It is AMAZING and it works.  I especially LOVE it because I am allergic to everything! And I am NOT allergic to this...happy dance. I don’t know anyone that has tried it and didn’t love it. It is one of those products that when you are getting to the bottom of the jar, you make sure to get another so you don’t run out. Next time I will share with you how I can’t live without Venom, a topical Botox! Ok so here is all the good stuff.
Retinoic Acid (vitamin A) Topical vitamin A is shown to increase cellular turnover, so that dull surface cells are shed more rapidly. It thickens the epidermis, improves skin texture and elasticity and evens out skin tone. Retinoid products help your skin retain collagen, which is lost as we age – and more collagen means fewer wrinkles and dark spots. Retinoid products are derived from vitamin A and are available with a prescription or over the counter. They can dry the skin even as they encourage skin-cell renewal, so it makes sense to use a retinoid product with a moisturizer. Retinoids are well matched with nighttime moisturizers because sunlight can weaken retinoid effects.

So why are there antioxidants in our skin care?  Antioxidants plays a very important role in your skin care. You probably have noticed an overwhelming amount of products who advertise that they have antioxidants infused in them.
One of the most important roles that an antioxidant plays is anti-inflammation or anti-inflammatory.  Alpha Lipoic Acid is a great antioxidant that has shown impressive results with anti-inflammation. When we are not inflamed we have an even skin tone and our wrinkles are less noticeable.
Sun damage can make skin appear tough with an erratic skin tone. We have found that Antioxidants stimulate blood flow in your skin. When that happens you have new cell formation, making your skin look younger and improving skin tone.
Antioxidants such as vitamins C & E are also great at treating wrinkles. These vitamins increase the growth of your collagen. And we have seen that Coenzyme Q-10 or CoQ-10 helps firm or tighten the skin.
So all of that so I can recommend what works and what our clients swear by and can’t live without now that they have found it. Our Anti Oxidant Infusion Crème. This is our number one selling product because of the unbelievable results you can achieve in a small amount of time and better results with extended use. With twice daily application you will see definitive results such as: Reduction of Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Improved Skin Tone & Texture, and an over-all improvement in skin health.
Anti-Oxidant Infusion Crème is one of the leading result producing anti-aging cremes available on the market. What sets this crème apart from all others is the proprietary blend of anti-oxidants and anti-aging active ingredients at their highest levels to ensure maximum results. Anti-Aging is definitely a science but it is not a mystery. Yes, you can reverse previous damage that is done by both intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

The aging process is a culmination of many factors. We begin the true aging process in our late twenties so the earlier that you begin to care for your skin the younger you will look in the long run. Signs of aging in the twenties are minimal but when we hit our mid-thirties this is when we truly begin to see the hints of the aging process. The older we get, the rate of speed our bodies re-generate slows down. It produces less moisture, less collagen, and less elastin, which are the simple building blocks of our skin. The good news is we can combat these things by applying clinical products, and always wearing sunblock.
The Anti Oxidant Infusion Crème is packed with several ingredients that are key to the anti-aging process such as the Algae Peptides, DMAE, Copper, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Retinoic Acid. Here are the definitions of all those cool ingredients.
Algae Peptides (Ahnfeltia Concinna 5%) contain the amino acid Hydroxyproline, which is the building block to collagen, so as you use this product it makes your skin grow its own collagen at a faster rate. This ingredient is key to battling both intrinsic and extrinsic aging.
Copper: This ingredient stimulates enzymes to help build new elastin and collagen. Also aids in the production of Keratin in the epidermis, which leads to improved skin texture.
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethynol): Ingredient that can help firm sagging skin by thickening the muscle mass.
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thiotic Acid) Ingredient that is 400x the strength of vitamin C, the particle of this anti-oxidant is small enough to penetrate to the mitochondria of the cell, protecting and reviving the center of the cell where the cell’s energy is produced. This is ingredient is key to improving skin texture and radiance.
Retinoic Acid (vitamin A) Topical vitamin A is shown to increase cellular turnover, so that dull surface cells are shed more rapidly. It thickens the epidermis, improves skin texture and elasticity and evens out skin tone.
Other Ingredients: 2% Salicylic Acid, 5% Glycolic Acid

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“It is hard to be a woman: you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse.” -Anonymous

“It is hard to be a woman: you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse.” -Anonymous  

I have always aspired to greatness, and recognize similar qualities in others. Lori Ellen Halloway, Born Lori Easterling on August 20th, 1969 would become a whirlwind of success. Conquering fears, injuries, doubts and fatigue with grace, she is a real embodiment of hard work and dedication. It can easily be noticed going about day to day life she stands proud and tall, walking on what seems another level through life, just higher than my own. I observe and ponder what it is that this highly regarded wife, author, boss, teammate, and mother has found to make her such an inspiration. After years of learning from and talking to her, it has become clear. She has found success in all aspects of her life. Giving 100% to each of her roles has impacted her life for the better, propelling her into the greatness of being a well-rounded woman.

Structuring your life starts at home. A place where love is felt and Lori’s kindness is never mistaken for weakness. As you pass down the road, you might find yourself taking a second look at their home, as I do. I’d expected a bit of grandeur, but instead what caught my eye was the tidiness of the elegant homestead. From the curb the brick facing hints to Lori’s warm greetings waiting inside. Trimmed bushes greet you up the walk and roses meet you at the porch. With the breeze slightly moving the blossoms, their fragrance accompanies you as you wait outside the deep mahogany door. One sit on the sun stained porch swing melts anxiety. 

The two boys inside her home are 11 and 14, full of energy and wit. Through these two she becomes invigorated with spirit. Their sport teams shine with her proud coaches smile, and hours of scores she’s kept on the fields. She knows their value here, and they appreciate hers as well. She makes lunches, equipment runs, and PTO meetings each week. Inspired to offer thanks to educators in her community, she and her husband Bruce established a PTO donation kickback program at their Salon and Spa in Saline. Understanding the strength and value in numbers, they have been partners in life and love going on twenty years. 

Their tones share sincerity as they recall the courage and commitment in took to open their business, and the bond that keeps them flowing patiently along side each other. Voila Salon & Spa opened the doors to a dear part of Lori’s heart in 2002. After 8 years of working for others, or herself on a smaller scale, Lori decided to take a swing at opening her own full service Salon. Over 13 years later the tender part of her soul she shared with the rest of the world is thriving. Holding onto the importance of client care as strongly as when she first envisioned owning her business, and the day she took her first client. Along with her husband, she has complied a group of women that she can entrust with the confidence to love the clients like family, and greet them as warmly as friends at every appointment. Branching into the surrounding communities, Lori, Bruce, and the team at Voila make donations of time, money, salon products, and services to help encourage community involvement with local businesses.

While in the salon, a peak inside her neat drawers shine a light on her mastery of organizing salon implements, and the rest of life’s tools. With her “ there’s no time like the present” attitude towards organization she is quick and efficient.  Leaving a smiling nail client at her manicure station and gliding over to an eager new head of hair in her stylist chair she tackles color questions and split ends with confidence. With polished toes, and expertly applied makeup, she bursts with pride after each delighted customer goes off to finish their day. I can see their appreciation and respect in the kind words and smiles they share while pre booking their next appointments. Hand painted embellishments, plush rugs, and sparkling mirrors all reflect her personal touches she’s included here in her second home. A gentle sheer silver fabric sown into curtains ruffles slightly as it blocks the coat closet from client’s view. Across the sunlit Spa an antiqued chest has transformed into a stylish makeup station. Each compliment she receives is well deserved as she has spent hours repurposing furniture to bring out new beauty in vintage pieces. Ornate glass pull nobs add glamour and sparkle but are quickly outshined by her hand full of diamonds reaching to grasp them. Elegant setting for her memory lane incased in platinum will catch your eye, the stories they represent will capture your heart.

When it comes to apprenticeship programs for furthering education, she wrote the book on it, literally. Shear Savvy is sheer genius! Shear Savvy is a guided program for starting and running a successful state recognized apprenticeship program. Written by Lori, it is revered as a “practical, easy to understand” 1 breakthrough in incorporating education in the work place. Flipping the pages reveals the daunting task put on a salon owner’s already full plate. She is no bull in a china cabinet, as a previous apprentice who has studied under Lori for esthetics, I can attest to her tremendous focus and vigor for each program. Her patient approach makes each step of the process a splendid one. With orders coming in from all over the nation, Shear Savvy in seen as irrefutable to success in this aspect of the beauty industry.

Growing a business, raising a family, and being a well-spoken woman of beauty have never been enough on their own. Lori has mastered an art of womanhood embracing love, percerverance, respect, happiness, and dedication. Each day she gives us insight into how we can find happiness in the many parts of life, by grounding ourselves with the devotion our lives need as a whole. We can propel ourselves towards the many successes there are to be had if we try our best in every way.

“Successful women still have their feet on the ground, they just have better shoes.”
Oprah Winfrey

Jenelle Franklin

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Protecting our Patrons: The Importance of Disinfection

Protecting our Patrons: The Importance of Disinfection

Salon sanitation is imperative in all salon services. But the one service people worry about the most is having a pedicure. We have all heard horror stories from friends or read about one online. A terrible experience that started with a little voice in their head that told them to turn and leave. But they didn't and in retrospect, they should have listened to their instinct.

You should always make sure the salon you choose to have your pedicure in follows proper sanitation and sterilization guides set by the State of Michigan. Don't be afraid to ask how often they clean their tub and what germicide they use to do it. You should also ask if the tub has pipes or tubes the water is circulated through to create the bubbles. These tubs have a much greater risk of bacteria being stored in them and should be avoided. If it isn't avoidable make sure they run a sterilization agent through the pipes at least once a week.

The goal from our salon's perspective is 100% patron protection and to guarantee there is no transfer of any communicable virus or bacteria during the pedicure service. Here at Voila Salon & Spa we want you to know we guarantee our standards are above and beyond Michigan's requirements. (Which are placing washed equipment in a container holding a chemical sanitizing agent. Acceptable agents are those registered for use in interstate commerce by the USDA. Sharp edged tools mush be wiped with a 70% alcohol solution.) We insure that all implements are either single use or sterilized in between every client, not just sanitized. We use 99% alcohol on surfaces and Citricide II to clean the tub in between each and every client. This chemical sterilizer kills all bacteria and even kills the AIDS virus. Our pedicure tub is pipeless so there is no risk of bacteria being trapped anywhere in the equipment.

So with all this information we hope you know your health and safety is just as important to us as a beautiful pedicure experience. And we hope to see you and your friends soon. Voila Salon & Spa, 151 Keveling Drive, Saline, MI (734) 944-9363.

It is always good to remind people of terms and definitions commonly used in the beauty industry. These definitions are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Sanitation - to wash with soap and water to remove dirt and debris and to reduce the levels of microorganisms to a safe, acceptable level. Before implements or equipment can be disinfected, they must first be sanitized.

Disinfection - the use of a chemical procedure that eliminates virtually all recognized pathogenic microorganisms but not necessarily all microbial forms. (Microorganisms are living organisms, good and bad, that are invisible to the naked eye.) All implements and equipment used on clients must be disinfected before use.

Sterilization - the use of a physical or chemical procedure to destroy all microbial life, including highly resistant bacterial endospores. (Endospores are thick walled bodies formed within the vegetative cells of certain bacteria. They are able to withstand adverse environmental conditions for prolonged periods.)

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A Peek Into the First Month of our Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program Blog Post

There is a lot happening during the first month of an apprenticeship program. For me, the practitioner, settling into my role for the 10th apprentice in 13 years of owning a salon is testing my juggling skills, lol. You think it would be like riding a bike, but there is always that learning curve when trying to fit it all into an already busy schedule full of clients. I think that is what scares people the most about starting a program in their own salon. But as long as you have had the necessary meetings with the apprentice and they are well aware of this great opportunity that is about to happen, they are ready to roll with it. 

Bailey is doing amazing. I feel like a total flake sometimes, like when she told me, "I am finished with the first four chapters." And I am like, slow down sister, I don't have my lesson plans ready for anything else yet! It is a two year program, we have everything charted out for what we are doing and where we should be at for the entire program. And the first 3 months are just really boring as heck for Bailey. It's just reading, homework and theory workbook over and over and over. She told me she hated high school, so I was a little nervous at first, but she has only missed on average 1 question in each chapter in her workbook. She got so far ahead in her bookwork that I have her mingle with the clients and staff for an entire day a week. And I thought I would see how she tested so I gave her a 100 question test on Chapters 1-4 and she got a 91%. So now I am not nervous at all. She might have hated high school, but she is smart that is for sure. 

She is also getting her feet wet helping with small things around the salon. Things that will be incorporated into her training and she doesn't hesitate when asked to help me with something.  She has been trained on how to answer the phone and make appointments on the computer so she can help out when it's busy at the desk as well.

So we had a successful first month. I just finished filling in the paperwork to mail to the state so they can start tracking her hours. I just can't wait for her to get on the floor to  learn all the hands on stuff. Way more exciting than bookwork! It's a big responsibility and honor really, teaching someone everything you know about the industry. I have to remind myself to slow down. I want her to know everything all at once, but l know I have to build a strong foundation first so we can add as many floors as we need ;)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meet our Cosmetology Apprentice

Meet our latest addition to Voila Salon & Spa, Bailey.

Some of you might not know exactly what that means. We, Voila Salon & Spa, are licensed through the State of Michigan as a School of Cosmetology. So instead of Bailey having to go to a traditional school she will get all of her education right here in the salon. She will then be able to go and take the necessary tests and boards to get Cosmetology License. This is a two year program and you will see Bailey at the salon a lot. So help us make her right at home and at some point you might volunteer to be a model for her to practice on!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Health Benefits of Pedicures

Health Benefits of Pedicures
Why do you think people feel so good after they get a pedicure from a licensed nail technician? It may surprise you that it isn’t just the polish color they picked and that’s the truth. If you ask twenty people after their pedicure service why they get a pedicure, most will tell you it is because they feel so great afterward.  There are so many health benefits and overall well being actions that take place during a pedicure that most people don’t even know about. And the cumulation of these things are why you feel so fantastic after your pedicure. 
The word pedicure is derived from the Latin words pedis which means “of the foot”, and cura, which means “care”. Foot care is a very important part of maintaining your health and well being. That is why it is especially important to see a licensed professional who is following state board patron protection and sanitation regulations to avoid injury during the service. One important Michigan law you should be aware of, it is not legal to use a Credo Blade or razor blade to remove calluses during a pedicure service. Doing so can cause bleeding and the release of blood born pathogens.
 What to Expect During a Pedicure
Women get the importance of a pedicure and many men are slowly, but surely understanding how important it is to their health. Many men shutter at the idea of a pedicure due to the fear of the unknown, but after getting a professional pedicure they look forward to the next one! So lets talk about what to expect. 
* A good pedicure service is a 45  min to 60 min service. You can get an express pedicure in 30 min but you don’t get all the  benefits. 
  1. First you enter a private room where you sit in a reclining massage chair and slide your feet into an attached whirlpool tub. The tub is filled with hot water and an aromatherapy foot soak to soften the skin. The whirlpool bath improves circulation and helps reduce pain and swelling.
  2. The cuticles are then softened with a cuticle treatment, the toenails are trimmed and filed and meticulous care is taken with the cuticles to remove excess buildup. 
  3. A sea salt scrub is applied to the lower leg and gently massaged to remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin. 
  4. The most enjoyable part of the pedicure is the  foot and leg massage. Utilizing reflexology techniques, the massage is given to relax tense, hard working muscles. 
  5. Finally, we clean up of the nail plate by removing all debris and oils left on the nail plate from the massage and prep the nail for polish application.
 Health Benefits of a Pedicure
So where are the health benefits you ask? 
  1. Performing these steps insures removal of bacteria and germs around the nail plate. 
  2. Eliminates foot odor and prevents ingrown toenails and infection. 
  3. Exfoliation  encourages healthy skin cell renewal, prevents cracking and softens calluses.
  4. Foot and leg massage utilizing reflexology techniques increases circulation, relaxes muscles and encourages healing in many parts of the body. 
  5. You gain improved skin, muscles and joints and prevention of common foot problems and infections. Overall your body relaxes when your feet become pain free and the therapeutic benefits promote a happy mood. A professional pedicure has been shown to alleviate back, hip and joint pain!
We are seeing more and more men, mostly upon their wives request, and we are thrilled they are finally OVER feeling funny about getting their feet done! We are concerned about your health and guarantee your safety by following all patron protection rules and regulations including equipment and implements protocols. We recommend a monthly pedicure to keep your feet happy and healthy all year long! We look forward to seeing you soon!
Author: Lori Halloway

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Choose the Right Nail Technician for the Best Acrylic Nail Application

I have always admired a beautiful set of nails. Even when I was a little girl I loved watching my mother file and polish her nails, she is one of the lucky ones with strong natural nails that grow like a weed. But many women, like myself, were not blessed with strong natural nails and are looking for the right Nail Technician to give them the perfect set of acrylic nails. I love acrylic nails. They give me instant gratification and longer, stronger perfectly symmetrical nails. It is my opinion that the best kind of acrylic nails are the ones you can not tell are acrylic! Acrylic nails should look like God put them there. I do not believe in the "one nail" fits all look you get from the "walk-in" chain nail salons. A great Nail Technician has to be able to properly mold and shape the acrylic on the nail plate so it looks like the nail grew right out of the nail bed! It has to have to proper shape, width, thickness and length. So when you are looking for the best Nail Technician for the best acrylic nail application make sure you are able to communicate with them and they understand exactly what you are looking for. Here are some other very important things to consider when choosing a salon or Nail Technician.

1. Make sure the salon has an establishment license. Little nail salons pop up all over the place and are soon shut down by the state because they are operating illegally. And if they are not operating legally the chances of having good hiring practices, reputable products and good sanitation measures are slim. 

2. Make sure your Nail Technician is licensed. It is very important that the person you choose has had the proper education in order to use the right techniques and patron protection protocols to keep you safe as a client. State law requires the license to be posted on the wall of the salon.

3. Make sure the salon is clean and demonstrates proper sanitation of implements and the work environment.  

4. Ask how many years of experience the Nail Technician has and how far in advance you need to book your appointment for your fill in order to get in when you need to. The busier the Nail Technician the better chance she is awesome at what she does.

5. Ask what brand of professional acrylic system she uses. You want to make sure she is using a reputable brand that does not contain MMA, Methyl Methacrylate. There are many professional lines on the market that are great like OPI, Creative Nail Design, NSI and Young Nails. Products that contain MMA have to be filed with an electric file or nail drill. The acrylic is so hard you can not file it with a regular nail file. Note: not all techs who use an electric file use products containing MMA. To read more about the dangers of MMA go to

6. Last but not least the price. For an experienced, talented, licensed Nail Technician using a professional brand acrylic nail system the range for a full set of acrylic nails should be between $50 to $60 and the price for a fill from $25 to $35. A full set of nails done properly should take about 60 minutes to finish and a fill should take about 45 minutes. Products that contain MMA are 1/6 the cost of professional brands and salon using this dangerous chemical tend to charge less for the service. If your Nail Technician isn't spending the proper amount of time with you to make sure your nails are flawless and will last for two to three weeks it might be time to find another Nail Technician.

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Lori Halloway

Lori Halloway
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