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“It is hard to be a woman: you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse.” -Anonymous

“It is hard to be a woman: you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse.” -Anonymous  

I have always aspired to greatness, and recognize similar qualities in others. Lori Ellen Halloway, Born Lori Easterling on August 20th, 1969 would become a whirlwind of success. Conquering fears, injuries, doubts and fatigue with grace, she is a real embodiment of hard work and dedication. It can easily be noticed going about day to day life she stands proud and tall, walking on what seems another level through life, just higher than my own. I observe and ponder what it is that this highly regarded wife, author, boss, teammate, and mother has found to make her such an inspiration. After years of learning from and talking to her, it has become clear. She has found success in all aspects of her life. Giving 100% to each of her roles has impacted her life for the better, propelling her into the greatness of being a well-rounded woman.

Structuring your life starts at home. A place where love is felt and Lori’s kindness is never mistaken for weakness. As you pass down the road, you might find yourself taking a second look at their home, as I do. I’d expected a bit of grandeur, but instead what caught my eye was the tidiness of the elegant homestead. From the curb the brick facing hints to Lori’s warm greetings waiting inside. Trimmed bushes greet you up the walk and roses meet you at the porch. With the breeze slightly moving the blossoms, their fragrance accompanies you as you wait outside the deep mahogany door. One sit on the sun stained porch swing melts anxiety. 

The two boys inside her home are 11 and 14, full of energy and wit. Through these two she becomes invigorated with spirit. Their sport teams shine with her proud coaches smile, and hours of scores she’s kept on the fields. She knows their value here, and they appreciate hers as well. She makes lunches, equipment runs, and PTO meetings each week. Inspired to offer thanks to educators in her community, she and her husband Bruce established a PTO donation kickback program at their Salon and Spa in Saline. Understanding the strength and value in numbers, they have been partners in life and love going on twenty years. 

Their tones share sincerity as they recall the courage and commitment in took to open their business, and the bond that keeps them flowing patiently along side each other. Voila Salon & Spa opened the doors to a dear part of Lori’s heart in 2002. After 8 years of working for others, or herself on a smaller scale, Lori decided to take a swing at opening her own full service Salon. Over 13 years later the tender part of her soul she shared with the rest of the world is thriving. Holding onto the importance of client care as strongly as when she first envisioned owning her business, and the day she took her first client. Along with her husband, she has complied a group of women that she can entrust with the confidence to love the clients like family, and greet them as warmly as friends at every appointment. Branching into the surrounding communities, Lori, Bruce, and the team at Voila make donations of time, money, salon products, and services to help encourage community involvement with local businesses.

While in the salon, a peak inside her neat drawers shine a light on her mastery of organizing salon implements, and the rest of life’s tools. With her “ there’s no time like the present” attitude towards organization she is quick and efficient.  Leaving a smiling nail client at her manicure station and gliding over to an eager new head of hair in her stylist chair she tackles color questions and split ends with confidence. With polished toes, and expertly applied makeup, she bursts with pride after each delighted customer goes off to finish their day. I can see their appreciation and respect in the kind words and smiles they share while pre booking their next appointments. Hand painted embellishments, plush rugs, and sparkling mirrors all reflect her personal touches she’s included here in her second home. A gentle sheer silver fabric sown into curtains ruffles slightly as it blocks the coat closet from client’s view. Across the sunlit Spa an antiqued chest has transformed into a stylish makeup station. Each compliment she receives is well deserved as she has spent hours repurposing furniture to bring out new beauty in vintage pieces. Ornate glass pull nobs add glamour and sparkle but are quickly outshined by her hand full of diamonds reaching to grasp them. Elegant setting for her memory lane incased in platinum will catch your eye, the stories they represent will capture your heart.

When it comes to apprenticeship programs for furthering education, she wrote the book on it, literally. Shear Savvy is sheer genius! Shear Savvy is a guided program for starting and running a successful state recognized apprenticeship program. Written by Lori, it is revered as a “practical, easy to understand” 1 breakthrough in incorporating education in the work place. Flipping the pages reveals the daunting task put on a salon owner’s already full plate. She is no bull in a china cabinet, as a previous apprentice who has studied under Lori for esthetics, I can attest to her tremendous focus and vigor for each program. Her patient approach makes each step of the process a splendid one. With orders coming in from all over the nation, Shear Savvy in seen as irrefutable to success in this aspect of the beauty industry.

Growing a business, raising a family, and being a well-spoken woman of beauty have never been enough on their own. Lori has mastered an art of womanhood embracing love, percerverance, respect, happiness, and dedication. Each day she gives us insight into how we can find happiness in the many parts of life, by grounding ourselves with the devotion our lives need as a whole. We can propel ourselves towards the many successes there are to be had if we try our best in every way.

“Successful women still have their feet on the ground, they just have better shoes.”
Oprah Winfrey

Jenelle Franklin

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Lori Halloway

Lori Halloway
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