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How to Choose the Right Nail Technician for the Best Acrylic Nail Application

I have always admired a beautiful set of nails. Even when I was a little girl I loved watching my mother file and polish her nails, she is one of the lucky ones with strong natural nails that grow like a weed. But many women, like myself, were not blessed with strong natural nails and are looking for the right Nail Technician to give them the perfect set of acrylic nails. I love acrylic nails. They give me instant gratification and longer, stronger perfectly symmetrical nails. It is my opinion that the best kind of acrylic nails are the ones you can not tell are acrylic! Acrylic nails should look like God put them there. I do not believe in the "one nail" fits all look you get from the "walk-in" chain nail salons. A great Nail Technician has to be able to properly mold and shape the acrylic on the nail plate so it looks like the nail grew right out of the nail bed! It has to have to proper shape, width, thickness and length. So when you are looking for the best Nail Technician for the best acrylic nail application make sure you are able to communicate with them and they understand exactly what you are looking for. Here are some other very important things to consider when choosing a salon or Nail Technician.

1. Make sure the salon has an establishment license. Little nail salons pop up all over the place and are soon shut down by the state because they are operating illegally. And if they are not operating legally the chances of having good hiring practices, reputable products and good sanitation measures are slim. 

2. Make sure your Nail Technician is licensed. It is very important that the person you choose has had the proper education in order to use the right techniques and patron protection protocols to keep you safe as a client. State law requires the license to be posted on the wall of the salon.

3. Make sure the salon is clean and demonstrates proper sanitation of implements and the work environment.  

4. Ask how many years of experience the Nail Technician has and how far in advance you need to book your appointment for your fill in order to get in when you need to. The busier the Nail Technician the better chance she is awesome at what she does.

5. Ask what brand of professional acrylic system she uses. You want to make sure she is using a reputable brand that does not contain MMA, Methyl Methacrylate. There are many professional lines on the market that are great like OPI, Creative Nail Design, NSI and Young Nails. Products that contain MMA have to be filed with an electric file or nail drill. The acrylic is so hard you can not file it with a regular nail file. Note: not all techs who use an electric file use products containing MMA. To read more about the dangers of MMA go to http://www.beautyweb.com/consumer_alert_mma.htm.

6. Last but not least the price. For an experienced, talented, licensed Nail Technician using a professional brand acrylic nail system the range for a full set of acrylic nails should be between $50 to $60 and the price for a fill from $25 to $35. A full set of nails done properly should take about 60 minutes to finish and a fill should take about 45 minutes. Products that contain MMA are 1/6 the cost of professional brands and salon using this dangerous chemical tend to charge less for the service. If your Nail Technician isn't spending the proper amount of time with you to make sure your nails are flawless and will last for two to three weeks it might be time to find another Nail Technician.

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