Sunday, February 26, 2012

Voilà Salon & Spa to be featured in Abec's Business Review

Employee longevity and valued customers are key for Voilà Salon & Spa in Saline
By Bonnie Gretzner
As with many small businesses, Voilà Salon & Spa in Saline was born when owner Lori Halloway wanted to create a salon that could address all facets of beauty. “I wanted to create an environment that respects diversity, creativity and hard work. We work together like family and produce results in the most efficient and effective environment” says Lori, who opened her business in 2002. “My staff is amazing and most  of them have been with us for 6-9 years. When we add people, they stay.”
The full-service salon provides hair, nail, waxing and skincare services, as well as massage and permanent makeup. Unique services include the Perfector non-surgical facelift, which is a nano-current cell regeneration system, and the Arasys body contouring machine. Arasys is an FDA-approved solution for those who want to lose a few inches or get a jump start on their fitness regimen.  
Lori’s background is in business and accounting. Not looking forward to an office environment, she was inspired by a nail tech who admired Lori’s work on her own nails. Lori took the nail tech’s advice and went to Cosmetology school in 1994 to receive her license. She immediately found work at other salons. “I grew my clientele as I grew professionally,” she says. “I have very loyal clients who have supported my business decisions for 17 years.”
In fact, while most clients are local, many are willing to travel a long distance to Voilà. “Our farthest client comes from Toledo,” says Lori. “But I have a client who moved to Marquette; she comes back down here to get manicures, pedicures and facials once a month. She’s said, ‘You’ve spoiled me. Nobody can do things the way you do it.”
Not only did Voilà launch their online store, The Powder Room, to offer all retail products at a 20% discount, Lori and her staff have begun implementing what they call “Glam Camp.” Held every Saturday night by appointment, the event enables clients to bring friends for a girls’ night. Attendees move throughout the hair and beauty stations for an evening of pampering. “We offer solutions for easy hair and makeup,” she says. “Women juggle many things. It’s easy to do your hair and makeup everyday, it is easier to not do it. We remind them why it is worth it and show them how it can be accomplished in just a short time.”
In the past 10 years, Lori says business has been strong each year. In fact, she says, Voilà would love to work more with bridal parties but they are so busy with regular clients on weekends they just can’t accommodate many of them. “We have a great clientele, we have earned their trust,” says Lori. “We’re only as successful as the people we work with.” 
If you have found this story to be interesting, informative, or inspiring, please let Lori know! You can contact her at 734-944-9363; visit Voilà Salon and Spa at 151 Keveling Dr., Saline; email her at; or visit www.voilà

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Lori Halloway
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